TED is devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks. TED began in 1984 as a conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design converged. Today, with almost every topic covered, TED has become one of the most wonderful educational resources on the internet. We’ve designed a new experience for TED. A concept we call TED+.

The Challenge

At Fairpixels, we wanted to take the TED.com experience to the next level. Learning from companies like Netflix & Disney+. How would TED’s digital experience look like if it were to be redesigned into a more engaging cinematic content experience?

The experiment: In one week, update the UI & UX of Sidekiq‘s website.

Ever since reading Mike Perham’s interview on Indiehackers, we’ve been following his journey of turning Sidekiq, an open source project, into a thriving profitable business. There’s so much value and inspiration his story has given us, we decided to return the favor with a rapid-fire UI & UX design upgrade.

“Whoa?! How did you guys land Neuralink as a client?”, a friend asked me as we were catching up. “They reached out to us”, I replied.

It wasn’t the answer he was hoping for. I could tell by the akward silence. So I decided to write a slightly more helpful reply, to answer everyone who asks me how we landed client X.

Getting to this point wasn’t easy. I founded Fairpixels, a boutique UI & UX design firm almost 12 years ago. Today, our team focusses on simplifying software products for startups that are ran by engineers. …

Yet an other unsollicited redesign of Reddit? Yes & No. Let me explain.

Like many fellow Redditors, I’ve been incredibly unsatisfied with the Reddit Redesign. It’s such a huge departure from the UX we’ve trained our muscle memory to navigate efficiently over the years.

So I set the following 60 minute challenge for myself: Take the old Reddit and (instead of Redesigning it) simplify the UI & UX in order to make it easier to navigate & use. Here’s the process:

(1 of 3) Analyzing the New


  • The UX is so fundamentally different from the classic Reddit, it completely changes how users navigate & consume…

The Experiment: Combining Youtube tutorials with a simple code editor with real-time previews.

I’m the creative director at F.pro , a boutique UI & UX Design firm, helping B2B Startups craft user friendly products. Codecast, one of my personal sideprojects, badly needed a redesign. With a couple of thousand people using the simple code editor + online (mostly Youtube) tutorials, I decided to build a Youtube player inside the editor and redesign the entire product.

Here’s a visual overview of the process:

This was the ‘old’ Codecast Prototype

1. Redesigning the UI & UX

Productizing our UI/UX design services and focussing on tech startups & SaaS businesses, has helped us break free from billable hours and dramatically grow our recurring revenue.

By treating your service as a product and building scalable marketing funnels to automate your client flow, you’ll save a ton of time prospecting, writing custom proposals and looking for clients.

A productized service sells and packages up a service as if it were a product, with a standardized list of features, a fixed price and delivered by a set date.

The following businesses have combined human input & expertise with systems to…

To design better products for our customers, we’ve been analyzing the interviews on indiehackers.com of B2B products that make at least $10k/mo. Looking for proven & actionable marketing strategies that other B2B startups can apply to grow their business.

The findings have been summarised in this list of 19 (in no particular order) actionable growth strategies that worked for those companies and that you can start experimenting with in your business, today.


  • Writing SEO-friendly content in Facebook Groups
  • Writing SEO-friendly Blog posts
  • Organise or attend Meetups
  • Reach out to journalists
  • Add native ads in the free version of your…

When I signed up to Twitter in 2009, I’ve been actively using it for many years. Today…. not so much.

Twitter still (strangely) occupies a special place in my heart, and so for the last 12 months, I’ve been consciously observing the way Twitter still occasionally adds value to my life in ways other products can’t seem to replicate.

The results can be summarized in two words:

Proximity + News

I redesign Interfaces for startups as a living at Fairpixels.pro, …

I love my iPhone.

The details and user experience are mostly delightful.

However… about 2–4 times a day, a moment of intense frustration pops in. Turning the otherwise smooth experience into total chaos.

Let me illustrate.

Say I‘m inside the Notes app. I decide to go back and edit one of my previous notes.

So… I move my finger to the < Notes button in the upper left corner.

A split second before my finger touches the glass, a popup appears in the wild!


UI/UX Design for B2B SaaS Businesses- http://fairpixels.pro

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