Reverse Engineering Profitable B2B SaaS Growth Strategies

To design better products for our customers, we’ve been analyzing the interviews on of B2B products that make at least $10k/mo. Looking for proven & actionable marketing strategies that other B2B startups can apply to grow their business.

The findings have been summarised in this list of 19 (in no particular order) actionable growth strategies that worked for those companies and that you can start experimenting with in your business, today.


  • Writing SEO-friendly content in Facebook Groups
  • Writing SEO-friendly Blog posts
  • Organise or attend Meetups
  • Reach out to journalists
  • Add native ads in the free version of your product
  • Reach out to warm contacts in your local network
  • Cold emailing Linkedin leads
  • Cold calling
  • Utilise existing ecosystem (App/Google Play Store, Shopify marketplace, etc.)
  • Build a referral systems to encourage existing customers to share
  • Run email drip campaigns
  • Run an email newsletter
  • Attend trade shows
  • Pitch at events
  • Adwords
  • Give something away for free to cold leads
  • Use your network to get introductions to potential customers
  • Cross promote your product
  • Establish partnerships with non-competing products — UI/UX for B2B SaaS Businesses



UI/UX Design for B2B SaaS Businesses-

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