Redesigning Sidekiq

The experiment: In one week, update the UI & UX of Sidekiq‘s website.

Ever since reading Mike Perham’s interview on Indiehackers, we’ve been following his journey of turning Sidekiq, an open source project, into a thriving profitable business. There’s so much value and inspiration his story has given us, we decided to return the favor with a rapid-fire UI & UX design upgrade.

Our Approach:

Sidekiq started as a small indie project, but has grown into a business trusted by many. We decided to reflect that evolution by evolving their design into something that looks and feels more mature. Not a revolution, but an evolution is often what’s best to take a product to the next level. Adding space, using deeper colors and reorganising how information is displayed, helps the brain better process content. In a world of clutter, simplifying a product is often enough to make it stand out.

At Fairpixels, we’ve been simplifying the UI & UX of B2B Software products for over a decade.

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UI/UX Design for B2B SaaS Businesses-

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UI/UX Design for B2B SaaS Businesses-

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