Redesigning Twitter

When I signed up to Twitter in 2009, I’ve been actively using it for many years. Today…. not so much.

Twitter still (strangely) occupies a special place in my heart, and so for the last 12 months, I’ve been consciously observing the way Twitter still occasionally adds value to my life in ways other products can’t seem to replicate.

The results can be summarized in two words:

Proximity + News

I redesign Interfaces for startups as a living at, and so with this observation, I decided to redesign Twitter in a day, turning it into a product I personally would incorporate into my every day life.

Proposed Redesign:

Twitter, IMHO, shouldn’t be this generic social network. Rather it should turn everybody into a news reporter. The true potential of Twitter was brought to light during the Arab Spring, yet, Twitter remained this generic platform for everything.

This conceptual redesign aims to propose a new direction. A more focussed one. One where following users becomes secondary and happenings at specific locations become the core reason of interacting with the platform.

Karim, Lead Designer @ — UI Design Service for Startups

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