Redesigning Twitter

The results can be summarized in two words:

Proximity + News

Proposed Redesign:

  • In this redesign, the core question Twitter asks it’s users is ‘What is happening around you right now?
  • Tweets are organized by proximity, allowing you to quickly gather different perspectives on a particular newsworthy event.
  • Whether you quickly want to find out what’s happening around you, or you want a feed from users that are tweeting from a 500m radius at CES, the idea is to teleport yourself to a particular location and experience it through the eyes of the crowd.
  • By displaying Photos & Videos as small thumbnails on the side and restructuring the feed, you get a cleaner way of browsing the news in any given area.
  • Users can switch between a list and map view, in order to easily create context of space.

UI/UX Design for B2B SaaS Businesses-

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UI/UX Design for B2B SaaS Businesses-

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